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Atsipopoulo Village

The Village of Atsipopoulo constitutes one of the most progressive villages of the prefecture and some define it as a suburb of Rethymno.

The name of village emanates from the Arabic word "chatzip" meaning doorkeeper, guard and in certain documents it is named as "Chatzipopoulo".

The location of village was of strategic importance and thus constituted gatehouse of Rethymno. Many battles were fought in Atsipopoulo during the Ottoman domination electing thus many brave warriors. In 1866 the village was destroyed by the Turks. From this area came many writers such as the writer and poet of the famous "Erofilis", and of the "Sacrifice of Abraham".

Today, Atsipopoulo offers a great deal to visitors, there are supermarkets and gift-shops, restaurants & tavernas, cafeterias & bar, clothes shop, hairdresser/Barber shop, Patisserie and a Bakers shop with fresh bread, rolls, rusks etc. there is even a Chemist.

In fact Atsipopoulo has almost everything to meet your daily needs. Wandering through the small narrow streets you will find so many elements from the Venetian and Turkish period.

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